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Our mission at Integral Home Systems is to provide customized home automation solutions for our customer's unique needs. Using the most proven, cutting-edge technology, we will fulfill all of your Audio/Visual, Security, and Home Automation needs and build the perfect smart home package for you.





Audio and Video are two pillars of the home integration systems we build. If you want a few simple TV's connected to your network, or you want a dozen throughout the house that are mounted into brick, tile, or cement - we can handle it. If you want a smart speaker and a soundbar for your tv or you want so many speakers in your walls and ceilings that your entire house sings to you - we got you covered.

Take a look at some of our recently completed projects to see what we are capable of.

  • Dedicated Home Theaters

  • Personalized Media Spaces

  • Customized Audio Systems

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We have been customizing home security networks for years. Not only can we install strategically placed cameras, lights and sensors for all access points to your home, but by utilizing different sensors to detect water leaks, broken glass, and smoke or gas leaks, you can rest easy knowing that the safety of your home and all those inside is always being prioritized.

Check out some of our recent security system installations.

  • Home Security Systems

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Shades & Window Coverings

Our comprehensive catalogue of shades and window coverings can be fully automated and programed to adjust with the sun's movements - providing optimal comfort throughout your home at all times. All the shades we offer can also be customized with several different manual operating systems.

Check out the variety of shades & window coverings we have recently installed.

  • Automated Window Coverings

  • Traditional Shades

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Lighting Control

Forgot to turn the lights off in the basement? No problem. Away for a few days and want to simulate being home? Easy. Control the lights in every room from your phone. You can adjust the brightness however you please and even program them to change at certain times.

Here are some examples of customized lighting solutions with IHS.

Indoor Lighting Solutions
Outdoor Lighting Solutions

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